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magic mirror photo booth

Magic Mirror Photo Booth: Don't Miss a Moment of Your Special Night

USB Flashdrive

It's your wedding reception, and when you're not dancing, or smashing cake into your spouse's face, you'll be shaking hands and hugging loved ones. Basically, you are going to be busy. However, that's no reason to miss out on all of the fun that your guests will be having with our Magic Mirror Photo Booth.

And you don't have to. Should you want, we'll hand you a USB Flashdrive at the end of the night that will contain every picture, GIF, and video recorded throughout the evening.

Don't Risk Losing Your Flashdrive: Magic Mirror Photo Booth Bonus

Dropbox Link

Instead of risking the loss of your Flashdrive and all of the irreplaceable images from our Magic Mirror Photo Booth contained within, you can opt for a cloud based Dropbox link. It's a simple and elegant solution that will give you access from any device. No Dropbox account is necessary.

magic mirror photo booth

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