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Text and Email From Our Interactive Photo Booth

Communication Pack

Choice is one of the things that most sets us apart. Our interactive photo booth's Communication Pack gives your family and friends the choice to instantly text or email their photo from the booth to themselves, or to others.

There's nothing worse than spending a beautiful evening together celebrating with friends and family, only to realize the next day that you've lost your photos of the event. With our interactive photo booth's Communication Pack, that's a thing of the past. Now, they can instantly share the love with faraway friends and loved ones who couldn't make it, and what's best is that they can keep those memories in the cloud forever.


Instant Social Sharing From Our Interactive Photo Booth

Social Pack

With this optional feature, we will set up a social sharing station next to the interactive photo booth, where your guests can text, email, and instantly share their photos to the social media network of their choice.

We're going to be completely honest with you. To keep the line moving and your guests happy, this is an absolute must have option if you are having a wedding with 500 or more people. If you are expecting 200, or fewer, don't worry about it. The Communications Pack is more than sufficient. If you fall somewhere in between, or have only invited Millennials, you may want to seriously consider this feature just to keep things moving smoothly.


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