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Premium Props for Selfie Booth

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Premium Props for a Luxury Selfie Booth

Our goal is to provide you with the very best experience in everything that we do. That is why, unlike some other selfie booth companies, we only use high-quality props and signs.

Simply put, you and your guests will notice the difference between the $0.50 lips on a stick that you used at someone else's wedding and the handmade three-dimensional sculpted ones that we will use at yours.

When you return from your honeymoon and start looking through the photographs taken on your special evening, we want each one to be a worthy keepsake, and each premium prop that we handpicked for your wedding was done so with the express purpose of enhancing the finished product. That is why we use such care when picking, or specially designing, our props.

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Definition of luxurious

1 : of the finest and richest kind

It's not a selfie booth. It's an experience shared with family and friends. Choose to share the best experience.

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