Photo Formats and Overlays


Picture Formats: Your Wedding Photo Booth Can Be So Much More

Traditional photo strips, single 4”x6”, doubles, triples, and more. Your wedding photo booth pictures can be formatted in any way that you desire. What's more is that the Wedding Mirror can also be set up to allow guests to choose from multiple formats on your special evening.


Overlays For Your Wedding Photo Booth Photos

Your bouquet, gown, makeup, and decorations: you picked each of these with care in order to fit your vision. Each one compliments the other, telling the story of your wedding. Photo booth pictures can now be a part of that story and vision.

Whether you would like us to create a custom overlay or want to choose from our existing catalog, your vision of your special night can remain constant.


Choice is Just Another Benefit of our Wedding Photo Booth

Dynamic Overlays

With the swipe of your hand, you and your guests can choose from any one of the overlays that you preselected for the evening.

Always above trend!

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