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Memory Book with Your Photo Booth Rental

Add a Memory Book to your photo booth rental and enjoy your friends and family's pictures as well as their messages to you for a lifetime.

We provide a high quality book, a lovely selection of colored pens, and all the stuff that your friends and family need to express their best wishes and heartfelt congratulations.

Photo Booth Rental
Photo Booth Rental

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The Memory Book Has Brought So Much Joy.

We booked Photo Booths & You for our wedding and we are so glad that we did. Not only were they professional and helpful, but they were authentic. If there is one feature that I'm happier that I got than any other, it would halve to be the Memory Book. My new husband and I have so enjoyed reminiscing over it.

- Natalie Shultz, Canton, OH.

A Highlight of our Night...

If you're like I was, you're thinking yeah, it's a really nice photo booth...and? AAANNND...Barry and Wanda are so great to work with. They made everything so easy and had great ideas that really took our experience to the next level. Oh yeah, and the photo booth is amazing! By itself, it is worth the money. Add everything else and you're getting a deal.

- Harriet Stein

Awkward but social